Do You Have Burnout? How to Spot the Signs and Regain Your Mojo ⏱ 3 mins

If you constantly feel physically and emotionally drained, you could be suffering from burnout. Here’s how to identify the signs […]

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Authentic Voice

The Authentic Voice: How to Show Your True Colours on Stage⏱3 mins

Here are three tips to help singers overcome their anxieties and discover that hard-to-find magic ingredient – authenticity. When it […]

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Build confidence

Six Ways to Help Singers Build Confidence and Ace Live Shows ⏱ 3 mins

Check out this six-point plan to helping anxious singers build confidence as they return to live gigs. The pandemic wreaked […]

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Justin Stoney on students whopractise

Confessions of a Vocal Coach: I Don’t Care If My Students Practise ⏱ 3 mins

What do you do when a student won’t practise? New York vocal coach Justin Stoney shares his hot take on […]

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Achieve goals

The secret to helping students achieve their goals ⏱ 2 mins

Discover the real reason so many people fail to achieve their goals, despite their good intentions. How many times have […]

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Chimp Paradox

The Chimp Paradox: How to achieve when the pressure’s on ⏱ 2 mins

Do you ever go bananas when you’re stressed or anxious? The Chimp Paradox explains how to act like a pro, […]

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Find energy and motivation

How to find more energy and motivation if you feel sluggish

Six tips to boost your energy and motivation and help you say goodbye to feeling bleurgh. How are you doing […]

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books for singing teachers

Four books that will make you a better singing teacher

Want to become a better singing teacher and grow your vocal coaching business? Here are four books to curl up […]

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imposter syndrome

Five ways to manage imposter syndrome ⏱ 4 mins

Turn the tables on negative thinking and manage imposter syndrome by following these five tips. As Alexa Terry explains in […]

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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome: Spot the symptoms and causes ⏱ 7 mins

Ever feel like you’re drowning in self-doubt and niggling fears that you’re not good enough? Then you may be experiencing […]

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Performance anxiety and returning to live gigs

How to help anxious singers prepare for a return to live gigs

Many singers feel anxious about returning to the stage when Covid restrictions end. Performance anxiety specialist Teresa Shaw looks at how teachers can help vocalists prepare for live shows.

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Performance Anxiety

Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset

Don’t miss BAST Training’s one-day special event, Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset. It’s a chance to learn new ways to diagnose and support singers with performance anxiety.

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Kick habit of negative thinking

How to kick the habit of negative thinking

Banish the negative beliefs stopping you from having fun and enjoying success as a singing teacher.

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coaching young singers

How to help young singers shine

Top vocal coach Jono McNeil reveals how he helps young singers on The Voice Kids UK deliver knock-out performances. If […]

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