Don’t miss BAST Training’s one-day special event, Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset. It’s a chance to learn new ways to diagnose and support singers with performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety (PA) affects about one in four singers, from novices right through to international stars (it kept Barbra Streisand off stage for 27 years).

At its most extreme, the condition can be career-ending but even in milder cases PA can wreak havoc with a singer’s self-esteem and professional development.

Singing teachers can play an important role in diagnosing PA and helping vocalists to manage the condition.

For this reason, BAST Training is hosting Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset on May 22 from 10am to 6.30pm BST. It’s a one-day online conference bringing together leading industry figures who will take a deep dive into the issue of PA.

Why focus on performance anxiety?

BAST Training founder Line Hilton has helped many singers manage PA during her years working as a vocal coach.

Line, a former nurse who has also studied performing arts medicine, says: “It’s not just beginner singers who experience PA: it happens across all genres to musicians of all ages and abilities.

“And PA isn’t confined to solo performers – people in bands and choirs can experience it too.”

Sometimes PA stops a singer from even stepping foot on stage. In other instances, the singer can face an audience, but anxiety-induced tension inhibits their vocal technique and range.

PA can also manifest as procrastination, perfectionism or playing the clown.

Different strategies 

Because every case of PA is different, singing teachers need to take an individualised approach when it comes to supporting students.

Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset will look at the range of ways teachers can help singers manage PA.

“It’s about giving teachers a mix of tools and strategies that they can draw on,” Line says.

What the event covers

Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset will look at:

  • What is PA, and why do we get it?
  • Signs and symptoms.
  • Strategies to avoid the effects of PA.
  • Resources, therapies and treatments.
  • How to stay in the optimal performance zone.
  • Developing a growth mindset.

Guest speakers

A range of experts will speak at the event, including Petra Borzynski, vocal, somatic and cognitive behavioural coach (CBC).

Petra is an accredited therapist with special expertise in helping performing artists.

She is currently a Solo Performance Specialist (Voice) at the University of the Highlands and Islands and also works as a CBC for Google.

Other speakers include:

  • Kaya Herstad Carney, a vocal coach who has also studied sports science. Kaya will speak about Optimal Performance and Audition Technique.
  • Gemma Sugrue, a vocal and life coach who runs Voiceworks Studio in Cork, Ireland. Gemma will speak on Goal Setting/Tiny Habits in Your Vocal Practice.
  • Line Hilton, BAST founder and hypnotherapist, will speak about Mindset and How To Reframe Beliefs.

Look out for more Focus On events

“The idea behind the Focus On series is to spend a day looking at one subject in depth,” says Line.

“Often, I attend voice conferences that span a few days and cover a whole host of topics. When I come across a subject that is of real interest to me, it is only covered in an hour-long talk – and I always want to know more!

“I realised that I wanted to focus on certain topics where there are many different approaches and strategies. I know how significant an issue PA is which is why I chose to start the Focus On series by looking at this subject.”

BAST Training’s next Focus On event will be on Breathing and Singing in September. We’ll keep you posted on the details of this event, but in the meantime, don’t miss Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset

Book your place at Focus On: Performance Anxiety and Mindset on May 22 now.