Transgender singers are currently on the forefront of voice pedagogy discussions.  Emerald Lessley’s recent dissertation provides significant experiential evidence as well as addressing important medical and social concerns in working with this unique population. As trans individuals are increasingly able to live openly, voice teachers will begin to see more transgender singers in their studios. […]

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The BAST Singing Teacher’s Retreat 2016 was about as inspiring and uplifting a weekend as a vocal geek like me could hope for. My brain was filled to bursting with new science, research, techniques and teaching methodology. I left feeling invigorated by the people I’d met and the lectures I’d attended and eager to get back to my students to put it all into practice. For […]

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Do you want to understand the differences between classical and non-classical responses to the Acoustic Landscape all singers inhabit?  Well this webinar could be just what you’ve been looking for. For many years, voice teachers believed that the challenges of range and vocal registers were entirely matters of laryngeal muscular adjustment. While there certainly are significant muscular adjustments of the vocal […]

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