What is BAST about then?

BAST – Be A Singing Teacher is a training coursecommunity hub and education resource for the singer who is, or wants to be a singing teacher.

We provide courses for those getting started and continuing education to those already working as singing teachers.

The flagship 20-hour BAST course will introduce you to earning an income by passing on your knowledge in a professional, scientifically sound, skilled, methodical and safe way.

This program is suitable for singers just getting started, as well as current singing teachers who feel they have gaps in their knowledge and skills that need refining.

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We practice what we teach!

BAST Licensed Trainers are all passionate about singing teaching, maintain their own professional development and run their own busy teaching studios and businesses in the UK, USA, and Australia.

All BAST Trainers are members of relevant voice, teaching and music organisations such as:

The combined total of teaching experience between the BAST trainers is 70 plus years, both in the private sector and for specialist music courses at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), University of Chester and the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM).  Each trainer brings with them their own speciality areas such as experience, training and qualifications related to music, performance and education; genre-specific knowhow of classical, jazz, musical theatre and contemporary music, as well as expertise in allied health, studio engineering, vocal science, performing arts medicine, musical directing, artist development, performers mindset and wellness coaching.

Why do the BAST 20 Hour course?

Generally to ensure you are teaching safely and knowledgeably.  

Specifically to gain understanding and experience of:

  • functional anatomy and physiology of the voice and respiratory system
  • assessing and diagnosing the voice for singing
  • the science behind singing (to date – this is an ever-evolving area!)
  • understanding vocal registers and transition points
  • choosing the appropriate vocal exercises for the various vocal issues, including the transition between registers
  • choosing exercises for vocal development
  • moving from exercise into song
  • practical application exercises
  • learning styles and teaching strategies
  • lesson planning and delivery
  • vocal pathology and relevant health advice
  • setting up your teaching studio
  • good business practices and policies
  • dealing with personality types 
  • maintaining motivation
  • and more…

It doesn’t end there. After you have finished the course you will be able to continue connecting with BAST trainers and other BAST Graduates via the membership, join us for monthly Troubleshooting Clinics, or watch our 40+ educational webinars to ensure you continue your professional development and knowledge.

“I designed this programme to give you knowledge, experience and skills I wish I’d had when I started out.” Line Hilton, BAST Founder