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We help singers who want to build a successful teaching studio by avoiding poor teaching and business practices and increasing their knowledge, skills and confidence around teaching others to sing.

Many singers want to become teachers but don’t know how to teach singing or build teaching business.

We provide training, education and support for singing teachers of all levels so they can build a successful business around teaching others to sing, perform and care for their voice.

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What we do

BAST Training is here to help you gain the knowledge, skills and understanding you require to be a great singing teacher whether you are just getting started or have some knowledge gaps to fill.

We’re good at what we do…how do we know this?

Because the 500+ singing teachers who have attended our singing teacher training course or live events have told us so!

Since 2011 we have not had a rating lower than ‘Satisfied’ on our surveys. 82% of our grads say their overall satisfaction level with BAST and the course is “Very Satisfied”. 18% say they are “Satisfied”. Does this mean we’re perfect, of course not, but everytime we get constructive negative feedback we make sure we review, change and update the course and support. This is how we know we are providing a second to none service to our teachers.

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“I could immediately apply everything I learnt to lessons and it has made a real positive difference. It has given me a community of fellow singing teachers and the support I’ve wanted since becoming a singing teacher.

Cat Ogden UK

“The BAST course was exactly what I was looking for and has been a tremendous help, not only in giving me the tools and confidence to teach, but it has also helped my own singing! I’m now getting comments at my gigs that I’m singing better than ever. Win win! I’m now a vocal nerd in the making! Thanks BAST.”

Nat Ripepi Australia 

“The course is packed with wonderful information. It’s a really great launchpad that can take you in so many directions.  After completing the course I feel 100 times more confident and qualified to really make a difference to my students.  The support and resources available are extremely valuable.”

David Valks Australia

“I found BAST to be a fantastic space where I was able to learn so much about teaching as well as the science behind the voice, from a highly knowledgable and supportive teacher. I look forward to putting everything I’ve learned into practice and will carry it with me throughout my career.”

Aislinn Ireland

The BAST training course has equipped me with the right knowledge and tools I need to set my self up, as a singing teacher. I definitely feel more confident to go out there and start teaching the singing skills I already know and how to communicate them. I am extremely excited to start teaching!

Rhona Nolasco UK

The BAST course was absolutely phenomenal! I had a knowledge before but after the course it has grown to a whole new level and expanded further! When teaching my students I am finding that I am able to pass on the knowledge easier and also able to help them more as singers to grow! Niamh Ireland

“I would highly recommend BAST to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of contemporary singing teaching”

Les Smith UK

“I attended the BAST intensive course with 4 of my fellow Voiceworks teachers and I will be recommending that all teachers at Voiceworks Studio complete this course as soon as possible.”

Gemma Sugrue Ireland

“I am a singer and recording artist just beginning to take on voice students, and researched different courses to be sure I will “do no harm.” The BAST course gave an incredibly thorough overview of effective, healthy methods of improving a student’s singing ability. I really enjoyed better understanding the mechanism of sound production, and learning how to assess and problem solve in a very responsible, appropriate and practical way!”

Rändi Fay USA


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