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Many singers want to become teachers but don’t know how to teach singing or build a teaching practice. We provide training, education and support for singing teachers of all levels so they can build a successful business around teaching others to sing, perform and care for their voice.

BAST Training is here to help you gain the knowledge, skills and understanding you require to be a great singing teacher. Our course will help you whether you are just getting started or have some knowledge gaps to fill. 

How do we know?

Because we have over 400 singing teachers who have attended our singing teacher training 20-hour course or live events, and they have told us so!

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What people say about us

“This singing teaching course is absolutely amazing and I have learnt so much from it. My teaching skills have improved and I generally feel better equipped to teach my students well. Thank you so much BAST!” Collena Masuku, UK

“I found BAST to be a fantastic space where I was able to learn so much about teaching as well as the science behind the voice, from a highly knowledgable and supportive teacher. I look forward to putting everything I’ve learned into practice and will carry it with me throughout my career.” Aislinn. Ireland

“An excellent course, jam packed with valuable practical information which really takes the guesswork out of teaching singing and at an affordable price point. The instructor was clearly an expert in her field and was incredibly generous ensuring every students’ questions were answered thoroughly. I could not recommend this course highly enough.” UK

“This course provided me with up to date relevant research on the voice, how to implement this into lessons and hands on experience. I could immediatly apply everything I learnt to lessons and it has made a real positive difference. It has given me a community of fellow singing teachers and the support I’ve wanted since becoming a singing teacher. Cat Ogden UK

“If you want to be a great vocal trainer or if you feel you have hit a brick wall with your training, I highly recommend this program for you.” Aiden Lee, South Korea

“The BAST Course has definitely been a game changer, and can help propel anyone seeking to teach voice and grow their knowledge of what it takes to become a voice teacher today.” Ireland

“I attended the BAST intensive course with 4 of my fellow Voiceworks teachers and I will be recommending that all teachers at Voiceworks Studio complete this course as soon as possible.” Gemma Sugrue, Ireland

“I would highly recommend BAST to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of contemporary singing teaching” Les Smith, UK

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