BASTPodcast Ep27 Becky Gilhespie

Episode 27 The Singing Master Chef With Becky Gilhespie

“We need to take diversions sometimes, to come back and realise what we’ve got” Becky Gilhespie has had an interesting journey from singing, to teaching to cheffing, and now, as a result of Covid-19 back to teaching singers again. A Masterchef semi finalist, Becky talks about her journey and how her diversion into the world […]

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Nigel Richards podcast

Episode 26 The secret of authenticity with Nigel Richards

“Not only do you have to be a good artist, you have to be good at being an artist” During lockdown Nigel has been very busy helping college students to finish off their performance years, online. Having never taught online he discusses the challenges he’s encountering and how he’s dealing with them. He advises how […]

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Episode 25 The performer’s health starts from the inside with Nutritionist, Stephanie Moore

“We have these living creatures inside of us, this mass of different microbes that need to be looked after” Stephanie Moore Nutritionist and author, Stephanie Moore is a powerhouse of nutritional and health information. It’s becoming more and more accepted that health and wellbeing starts from the inside. Stephanie and Line discuss how gut health […]

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Natalie Andreou interview

Episode 24 How Elphaba helped me understand my voice with Natalie Andreou

“Don’t take your voice for granted” Natalie Andreou Natalie Andreou’s CV includes lead roles in West End and touring shows as varied as Rock Of Ages, Wicked, Mama Mia and Evita. She and Line discuss the various pathways to the West End, the challenges and joys of the job – vocally, mentally and physically. Other […]

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Interview Jenevora Williams

Episode 23 How research has informed my teaching with Dr Jenevora Williams

One of the things that we love about Dr Jenevora Williams is her open, intelligent and enquiring mind. She has contributed to the BAST webinar library and past live training events. In this interview we find out more about what makes Jenevora tick. She talks about her journey which started as a Botany undergrad, to […]

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Episode 22 The pioneering spirit with Dr Meribeth Dayme (1938-2019)

Dr Meribeth Dayme is a familiar name to many singing teachers. From her detailed but comprehensible books on vocal anatomy, The Performer’s Voice and Dynamics of the Singing Voice, to her holistic and energy-based approach to singing and vocal training, CoreSinging®, thousands of singers have benefited from Dr Dayme’s passion for voice and treating the singer as a ‘whole’. […]

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Episode 21 From performer to healer, via an injury with Stephen King

Stephen King started his performance career with great promise. On the road to a dance and MT career, Stephen had to take a dramatic turn away from performing after a serious knee injury. With all the physical therapy and medical attention he received Stephen found himself pulled into the world of manual therapy and decided […]

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Episode 20 Voice science works – it really does! with Laurel Irene and David Harris

In this podcast Line Hilton talks to Laurel Irene and Dr David Harris from VoiceScienceWorks. These two met several years ago on Dr Ingo Titze’s Summer Vocology Institute at the National Center for Voice & Speech and have not been apart since!  In the beginning, like many singers and singing teachers, they struggled to translate […]

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Podcast Interview Lisa Perks

Episode 19 Starting over again with Lisa Perks

Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Lisa Perks started her singing and teaching career in the UK. In this podcast she talks about moving to a new country as a well established singing teacher, and having to completely start over with her teaching practice. One of the ways she built her new business was to put […]

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Episode 18 Hannah Smikle

Episode 18 Helping singers to create a positive relationship to their voice with Hannah Smikle

This podcast’s guest is Manchester-based vocal coach Hannah Smikle. Hannah attended the Brit School and talks about her experience giving advice on how a singing teacher can help prepare a student who wants to, or is attending a performing arts school like this. As a teacher she got thrown into the job, quickly realising she […]

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Steve Giles, Vocal Coach and podcaster

Episode​ 17 How the Naked Vocalist podcast changed my life

If you’re a fan of The Naked Vocalist podcast then this guest’s voice will be a familiar one to you. Line Hilton chats with Steve Giles who is a vocal coach, member of the board of directors and authorised coach for Vocology in Practice and co-founder and co-host of the world’s leading singing podcast, The Naked […]

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Episode 16 What I learnt about communication from couples therapy

You may already have seen Ryan Luchuck in his two-part webinar series breaking down voice science for beginners (Part 1 & Part 2). One of those multitalented types; Ryan sings, plays the keys, guitar, and a variety of other instruments as well as being a sound engineer and producer. All of this he puts to […]

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BAST Podcast Ep 15 Kat Stephens

Episode 15 Putting on a student show

Not to be confused with singer/songwriter, Cat Stevens, Kat is a singing teacher and owner of Aspire Arts Academy in Towcester. As with many teachers, Kat is trying to balance home life with business. Her academy enrolls around 100 students a term and along with this and her privates, Kat also runs a choir for […]

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Podcast Lilli Badcock

Episode 14 Helping students find their purpose

In this podcast we hear from singing teacher & Intuitive Confidence Coach, Lilli Badcock. Lilli started performing arts at a dancing school as a child but found herself wanting to sing the song rather than dance to it. Lilli talks about her journey from a singer, to choir leader, singing teacher and now confidence coach. […]

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Podcast with Julet Russell

Episode 13 Juggling all those hats with Juliet Russell

Like many singing teachers, Juliet Russell juggles a variety of hats including as a singer/songwriter, a vocal coach, choir director and music festival organiser. As well as running her own practice working with artists, Juliet loves to work with choirs, recently arranging and featuring in the Pamper’s tribute to midwives with Paloma Faith on lead vocals. […]

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Podcast with Joshua Alamu

Episode 12 Little Mix’s vocal coach on working with artists under pressure

In this podcast Line Hilton talks to Joshua Alamu, a professional voice coach with over 15 years experience as a singing teacher in the music and television industry. He has been a voice coach for the TV talent shows such as The Voice UK and Pop Idol  and is currently working with acts such as Fleur East, […]

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Episode 11 Just getting started, a new teacher’s story with Matthew Thorns

This podcast is a bit different as I am talking to recent BAST Graduate, Matt Thorns, about his journey. Matt started out singing as a six-year-old chorister in Oxford. He talks about his vocal experience going through puberty. He then moved into general performing arts and eventually music production and songwriting. He noticed that he was […]

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Episode 10 Lessons learned along the way with John Henny

Many of you will have already encountered this podcast’s guest, the humorous, John Henny. He’s a singing teacher and music school business owner and also provides training and education for singing teachers. His voice journey started when he realised that singing was going to give him the edge as a drummer, aka better gigging opportunities. […]

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