Ep.102 Understanding Singing and Menopause with Joanne Bozeman

Today Alexa is joined by the wonderful Joanne Bozeman who has been a voice teacher for almost 50 years. Joanne […]

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Nutrition for singers

Nutrition for Singers: Debunking the Diet Myths ⏱ 2 mins

Top nutritionist Duncan Rock dishes out some no-nonsense diet advice for singers that includes a surprising verdict on dairy. Singers […]

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Dealing with missed lessons

Dealing with Missed Lessons: How to Confidently Enforce Your Cancellation Policy ⏱ 2 mins

What should you do if a student cancels a session at short notice? Here’s some useful advice from Line Hilton […]

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Sound Sexy when You Sing

How to Sound Sexy: Two Ways to Inject Va-Va-Voom into a Performance ⏱ 2 mins

Here are two simple exercises to help uptight singers spice up a performance. While some singers relish the chance to […]

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Breathing Exercise

Could This Simple Breathing Exercise Help Your Musical Theatre Students Sing Better? ⏱ 2 mins

Dr Matt Edwards explains why less is more when it comes to breathing in contemporary pop/rock musical theatre singing and […]

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teacher student relationship

Could Shared Decision-making Bring You More Success in the Studio? ⏱ 3 mins

Manual therapist Walt Fritz makes a case for voice practitioners adopting a shared decision-making model with clients. Walt Fritz’s views […]

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Career Development: Meet a Teacher Taking the ViP Route  ⏱ 2 mins

Claire Cannon wanted to take her singing teaching career to the next level, so she signed up to Vocology in […]

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Voice products

Five Top-rated Voice Products ⏱ 3 mins

Top vocal coach Kim Chandler reveals her favourite singing-related books, YouTube tutorials and gadgets. Kim Chandler is a session singer and […]

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Hearing health

Hearing Health: How Safe is Your Teaching Environment? ⏱ 2 mins

Singing teachers could be exposed to dangerous levels of noise at work. Researcher Carrie Birmingham explains why. When it comes […]

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Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels: How to Make Videos That Engage Your Target Audience ⏱ 2 mins

Check out these six easy-to-follow tips for making Instagram Reels from social media expert Katya Willems.  Instagram’s algorithm loves Reels, […]

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vocal massage

Vocal Massage: Does It Hurt? And Other Commonly Asked Questions⏱3 mins

Vocal manual therapist Lydia Flock answers five frequently asked questions about vocal massage. Some singers swear by vocal massage as […]

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Vocal improvisation

Vocal Improvisation: Four Tips to Help Singers Get Started⏱ 3 mins

Vocal improvisation is a great way to help anxious singers explore, experiment and discover their full potential. Here are four […]

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eat two meals a day

Should We Eat Only Two Meals a Day?⏱3 mins

Nutritionist Stephanie Moore reveals how to beat bloating and lethargy and makes the case for why we should eat just […]

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Tongue tension

Should We Use the Term ‘Tongue Tension’?⏱3 mins

Singing voice specialist Kerrie Obert sets the record straight on the issue of ‘tongue tension’. Listen for a few minutes […]

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Voice diagnostic tool

The Simple Voice Diagnostic Tool Used by SLTs That Could Help You ⏱3 mins

What is GRBAS, the voice diagnostic scale used by health professionals such as speech and language therapists? When it comes […]

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Beginner singing teacher

Three Tips for Beginner Singing Teachers ⏱ 4 mins

Are you thinking of becoming a singing teacher? Here is some wise advice from David Valks, who started a teaching […]

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Diversity in musical theatre

Musical Theatre: Diversity, Sizeism and the Role of the Singing Teacher ⏱ 4 mins

Budding MT stars are often told to ‘understand their type’ and select audition repertoire accordingly. Is this the right advice […]

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work-life balance Caroline Redman Lusher

Work-life balance: Rock Choir founder spills the beans on stress and success ⏱ 4 mins

Rock Choir’s high achieving founder Caroline Redman Lusher reveals her struggle to strike a healthy work-life balance. The story of […]

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