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Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels: How to Make Videos That Engage Your Target Audience ⏱ 2 mins

Check out these six easy-to-follow tips for making Instagram Reels from social media expert Katya Willems

Instagram’s algorithm loves Reels, but it can be daunting trying to create short-form video content that hits the mark if you’re time-poor or tech shy.

To learn how to nail Reels, BAST Training spoke to Katya Willems from Easyinstamcr. Katya is a social media expert who helps small businesses up their Instagram game. 

1 Don’t stress

“Reels don’t need to be big, complicated things,” Katya says. “They are just short videos – there’s nothing mystical about them; it’s just that Instagram is pushing them right now to compete with TikTok.”

2 Create purposeful content 

Instagram accounts that share video after video just to please the algorithm are a pet hate of Katya’s. “I think to myself ‘I’ve now watched 20 Reels in a row and haven’t learnt anything about the brand – all you’ve done is irritate me’.”

Obsessively chasing likes or followers without providing content that offers value won’t help you find your online tribe. To reach your target audience, provide purposeful content that reflects your values and beliefs.

3 Pick a strategy that’s simple and doable

Identify what makes you unique, what separates you from the competition and what your values are. Then brainstorm content ideas that will convey these themes. Stick to simple ideas that you know you can do yourself. “Anything you would do as a still post, you can do in a Reel,” Katya says.

4 Don’t sweat it if you’re camera shy

Not everyone wants to be front and centre of their Instagram Reels – and that’s ok. “There are lots of Reels that don’t even have a person in them,” Katya says. “If you don’t want to appear in a video, look for examples of Reels that you like that don’t have people in them. Look at how they do it and reverse engineer it.” 

5 Do your research

In the search bar at the top of your Instagram page, type in a hashtag that you would use on your posts – such as #singingteacher. Scroll through and view the Reels that use this hashtag to get an idea of how other singing teachers are promoting themselves.

6 Don’t react to the noise

If everyone is doing crazy dancing videos, and you don’t want to do a Reel like that – then don’t! There’s only one rule – and that’s to be authentic. Reels can be jokey, quirky or serious, depending on your mood and personality.

Want to know more?

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You can also check out Katya’s website

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