The Singer’s Secret to Crossing Between Styles




Laurel and David will show you how to understand the vocal acoustics related to different styles, how to differentiate between acoustic choices, and exercises to help you focus your resonator so that you can more easily achieve whatever sound you want to make, regardless of the style.


As vocologists and performers, VoiceScienceWorks creators Laurel Irene Mehaffey and David Harris regularly merge a fundamental understanding of the vocal instrument and how it functions with the ultimate communication goals of performance. They have experience teaching in multiple styles, and with students of all ages, and at all stages of their career from avocational singers to professionals. They have an active schedule presenting voice science workshops and have presented across the United States to varying communities including at institutions such as Harvard, Curry College, Oregon State University, and Portland State University, and at PAVA, ADCA, and ASA conferences.

Their approach includes helping to develop an understanding of voice science and how it applies to your voice, use of new technologies so that you can see the output of your instrument, and application of stylistic understanding to your chosen repertoire.