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Musical theatre repertoire

How to Find Brilliant Musical Theatre Repertoire  ⏱ 2 mins

Searching for the right song to help your students shine at drama school auditions? Here are four tips on sourcing musical theatre repertoire.

Sourcing musical theatre repertoire can be challenging, especially if you’re hunting for a stand-out song for a student preparing for a high-stakes drama school audition.

Finding a song that demonstrates a singer’s current strengths and their ‘trainability’ can take time and lots of research. To help speed up the process, here are four tips to help you source musical theatre repertoire.

Warble app

As a vocal coach working in drama schools, Rowland Braché was often asked by his students: ‘What song should I sing? I don’t know what songs suit my voice’.

After years of being hit with this question, the entrepreneurial Rowland decided to take matters into his own hands. He says: “I thought, why isn’t there an app where you can just go put your vocal range in, and a whole bunch of songs appear to suit your voice? So I decided to create one.”

The result is Warble, available through Apple and GooglePlay. There are more than 6,000 songs in the Warble catalogue covering MT, pop and rock genres.

Musical Theatre Songs

The database is the brainchild of Broadway and West End musical director Steven Gross. It features over 10,000 songs covering everything from “well-known standards to rare finds to the latest work from today’s new creators”.

You need to be a member to use the database. Once you’ve found a track you like, the platform will link you to sites where you can locate sheet music and recordings.

Curly Coach on YouTube

For pearls of wisdom on finding the right repertoire to showcase a singer’s vocal qualities and range, check out Curly Coach on YouTube. Amelia Carr aka Curly Coach, specialises in coaching children and young people, many of whom work professionally on the West End.

BAST blog and podcast

Shameless plug alert! BAST has covered repertoire and audition prep extensively on our blog and podcast. If you want to read more about choosing the best song for a drama school audition, click here. And for advice about musical theatre solos for female singers, click here.

Then, of course, there’s our podcast Singing Teachers Talk. Episodes not to be missed include:

Italia Conti’s Matt Vickers on drama school audition prep.

Dr Matt Edwards on teaching musical theatre styles.

Teaching ‘legit’ style with Amelia Carr.

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Listen in to discover more about Rowland Braché’s journey from vocal coach to app creator.