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Joining Alexa today on Singing Teachers Talk is the Head Tutor of Singing at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Michael Vickers. The experienced teacher, who also works in private practice with aspiring and professional performers, is here to talk about preparing singers for drama school auditions. 


  • Michael’s advice for choosing where to audition is to do your research. Think about what your skillsets are and where you want to be in X number of years. Talk to staff and go to open days. 
  • For an audition, a performer will typically need to prepare one to three songs that contrast. Some schools might only ask for one song of your choice for the first round. 
  • Some schools will always ask for one song being pre-1965, and some will always ask for one post-1965. Not all musical theatre songs pre-1965 are legit.
  • Know what the criteria are for the drama school. Tick all the boxes.
  • When it comes to eye contact, start at a level just above the panel, but if they give direction on where to look, then take it.


‘There are things I started teaching differently after having seen how panels work’

‘Go to the website and constantly check what they’re looking for’

‘Be flexible in that moment. Whatever they ask, dive in and try it’


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Born in Leeds, Michael Vickers is an established singing teacher and educator based in London. He is the Head Tutor of Singing at Italia Conti and additionally works in private practice as a singing teacher with both aspiring and professional performers. His work also encompasses singing voice rehabilitation.

Michael trained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where he received his undergraduate degree in Vocal Studies and then his Master’s Degree in the school’s prestigious Opera Course. Michael’s teaching is underpinned by substantial study and teaching experience, and he has been fortunate to learn from a range of world-leading pedagogues and clinicians. Notably, Michael has a significant collaborative relationship with the Voice Clinic at Lewisham Hospital, where he has volunteered weekly since 2018.

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