Vocology, How Can It Help The Singing Teacher




Renowned voice scientist Dr Ingo Titze will discuss how science and the practice of voice habilitation can help the singing teacher.


Dr Ingo Titze is a world-renowned voice scientist and executive director of the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah. He was formally educated in Physics and electrical engineering but has devoted much of his research to vocal music and speech. He is the author of Vocology, Principles of Voice production, Fascinations with the human voice and the Myoelastic Aerodynamic Theory of Phonation. He has lectured throughout the world and is a recognised and respected authority in the area of Voice Science. He has also received various awards for his contribution to voice science and contributes regularly to various scientific journals including The Journal of Singing. In addition to his scientific endeavours, Dr Titze continues to pursue his passion of singing in his spare time.

Website: ncvs.org