Vocal Exercises Keeping Them Exciting And Relevant




It’s easy to get stuck using the same vocal exercises over and over again. This will eventually result in demotivation for both the teacher and the student. Line runs through the various tools a singing teacher has access to, and how to continually adapt them to ensure the teacher and student are staying motivated, and continually developing and building the voice.


Line Hilton BAST Founder

Line helps pro and semipro singers, artists and voice teachers with their voice, performance, mindset and training. Her speciality areas include Performing Arts medicine, anatomy, health, technique and mindset. She pulls on a wide range of qualifications, experiences and interests to assist her clients to build and develop the knowledge and skills they require for their craft. She is an Advisor to Vocology In Practice, a voice teacher network, founder of iSing Magazine and a BAST singing teacher trainer.

Website: linehilton.com