The Art Of Teaching Children To Sing

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Singing is good for children! It’s even looked at as therapy for mental health illness. So why is childhood depression on the up, and why do children find it hard to engage with singing, specially as they grow older? In this webinar, Steve Giles explores the true art of teaching children to sing. He offers practical advice to help youngsters engage with singing and live a more fulfilling life as a whole.


Steve Giles is an International Vocal Coach and Speaker. He’s a member of the board of directors and authorised coach for Vocology in Practice, and currently shares his teaching between the south of the UK, and Hollywood. He is also co-founder and co-host of the world’s leading singing podcast on iTunes: The Naked Vocalist. Previous Related Organisations Co-Founded:Â Pop Choir Organisation: Love Soul Choir. Singing for Mental Health Organisation A Tempo Wellbeing Ltd. Charity Fundraising Organisation, The Body Lounge Foundation.