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Recognising & Managing Breathing Pattern Disorders


This is a single presentation recording from the live Focus On: Breathing event held on February 11th 2022

The Focus On series is an in-depth look at topics relevant to singing teachers. Delivered by industry experts and experienced pedagogues. 

Also available as part of a bundle package with the whole day of recordings.

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It is essential that your breathing pattern is efficient and the best it can be as a poor breathing pattern can have a serious impact on your performance. Julie will be discussing the importance of having a good balance in your autonomic nervous system and how your breathing influences this. We will look at triggers that can make you breathe badly and the effects that can have on your body physiologically, leading to poor coordination of breathing, performance anxiety and reduce the quality of your singing. Join Julie as she provides the tools needed to assess a persons breathing, recognise abnormal breathing patterns and correct them.


Julie Moore is a Clinical Respiratory Physiotherapist for the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health and Respiricare . After qualifying with a BSc Hons degree in physiotherapy in 1993, she went on to work as a senior respiratory physiotherapist in a variety of London teaching hospitals, as well as the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney and Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. Upon returning to the UK, Julie took up a senior position at Kings College Hospital, launching a successful hospital pulmonary rehabilitation programme and developing one of the UKs first community pulmonary rehabilitation services. Since completing her Masters in Physiotherapy in 2005 she has published on exercising patients with COPD and continued to help patients with a variety of respiratory diseases. Julie is a committee member of the UK Physiotherapy for Breathing Pattern Disorders and has a special interest in helping athletes with breathing pattern disorders. In the last year she has worked closely with Natalie Hilliard a fatigue specialist physio to create a successful 8 week ‘Long’ COVID respiratory rehabilitation programme. 



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