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Managing Reflux the Natural Way



This webinar will focus on how poor diet and lifestyle practises can trigger persistent acid reflux causing heartburn, or more troubling for singers, silent reflux, where the voice becomes increasingly fatigued and fragile with loss of range.

Issues including stress, poor sleep, lazy eating habits, a processed diet and lack of certain nutrients all contribute to this often under-diagnosed and poorly treated condition. Silent reflux inhibits proper and full function of the vocal folds due to excess mucus accumulation.

Stephanie will describe the triggers, the mechanisms and the solutions to this debilitating issue. There will also be plenty of time for questions and answers relating to this issue specifically plus health and nutrition in general.


Stephanie has worked as a natural health therapist for almost 30 years although her initial degree was in Performance Arts. She is a clinical nutritionist with a degree in nutritional medicine and a Masters degree in psychotherapy. Stephanie combines both skill sets to help people with all kinds of health issues, both physical and psychological.  With a background in neuro-muscular and remedial massage therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, Bowen technique and personal fitness training, Stephanie is able to offer a comprehensive assessment of her patients’ health issues and then provides detailed, personalised health programmes to address the individual’s health concerns.

Stephanie is head of nutrition at Grayshott Health Spa where she oversees a radical 7-day digestive health regime that she helped developed 5 years ago, which has an accompanying cookbook which also details her gut health philosophy, called GutGastronomy. Stephanie also holds a nutritional therapy clinic in Haslemere, Surrey and Harley Street, London, which includes an eating disorders clinic one day a week. She is also a registered practitioner of a new gut microbiome tests, looking at how to improve the bacteria in the gut, which influence all aspects of physical and mental well-being.  Stephanie writes a health blog, is often featured in the media as a health expert and published her first book in November 2016, entitled: ‘Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat!’, to great acclaim.


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