The Ageing Voice and Singing




You will discover:

  • how the tissues that make up the larynx change with age
  • whether or not that process can be slowed down
  • how to train the aging voice safely while continuing to build and maintain efficiency, endurance, and coordination
  • signs and symptoms of problems in the aging voice
  • how other body systems can affect the aging voice
  • beneficial treatments and habits for the aging voice


Lisa Haupert is no ordinary voice teacher. She is also a wellness coach and has a master’s degree in nursing in adult health and education. She was formerly a Level 5 teacher and Education Area Manager with Speech Level Singing (SLS). Clients from all over the world come to Lisa to become the singers they want to be. She specialises in working with highly motivated clients, both amateurs and professionals. In her home studio on Music Row in Nashville, TN she specialises in working with artists to develop their voices so that they are no longer limited but rather liberated by their style. Lisa also deeply enjoys working with other singing teachers and those who want to become teachers. She regularly works with Vocology in Practice to provide scientifically and physiologically sound teaching for other singing teachers. In the summer of 2014, Lisa completed and passed the first of a trio of blocks of graduate classes in vocology at the Summer Vocology Institute, taught by Dr. Ingo Titze. Lisa uniquely combines her experience and knowledge of health, wellness, positive psychology, and whole-hearted living with the science of the habilitation of the voice. She stirs in some compassion, a slight-off-balance sense of humour, and some southern US charm, and out comes a recipe created to get you what you need for your singing and singing teaching.