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Mental Block, Or Lack Of Skill?



In this webinar Gemma will be sharing her results of research that she has undertaken as part of her Post Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy.

This research initially used FM Alexander’s term ‘end gaining’ in order to better understand common patterns of behaviour that she felt were impeding her students’ progress. She then designed a teaching methodology to be used synergistically with vocal science, which combined motor learning theory with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness.

This webinar will help you to identify instances of mental blocks or ‘end gaining’ in your own students, and will offer you tools for working beyond them in a positive and constructive manner.


Pop Music and People are Gemma’s two greatest passions, and she takes pride in offering a highly individualised approach to working with singers.  In popular music there are no fixed rules as to how singers ‘should’ sound and she uses her wealth of training in vocal science and technique in a creative way.

Gemma experienced vocal difficulties after completing her undergraduate vocal studies and as a result took a break from singing.  Although she missed it terribly, this break gave her the opportunity to explore her passion for working with people with Learning Disabilities and subsequently became a Person Centred Planning Specialist. This experience has undoubtedly had an impact upon her coaching style, allowing her to offer unique and in-depth support to all of her clients. An an Authorised Instructor for Vocology in Practice, she is committed to offering the highest standards of vocal training.

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