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Helping Breath Management Using Breathing Coordination



The world of singing teachers are fighting between factions saying that managing the breath is the most crucial thing whilst others say it is all a myth. Where do we as voice teachers stand in that regard? How can we find the value and understand both of these ideas. Robin will cover some basic elements about Breathing Coordination and its application to singing. You will learn why breathing can pose crucial issues to the voice and also why the traditional “breathe in your belly’ ‘sing from the diaphragm’ can be absolutely damaging. He will also answer questions that aspiring singing teachers have about what they encounter in terms of breathing issues in their students and what to tell them (or what not to tell them) about breath flow for singing and in general.


Based in Lausanne Switzerland, Robin De Haas has received many prizes in his singing and academic studies. He has studied with many teachers in Europe and the U.S.A, such as Kurt Widmer, Anne Ramoni and David Jones. Attracted by pedagogy, he achieved a Diploma of Teaching Singing at The Conservatory of Music of Lausanne. It was in the pursuit of research to find models of methodology and pedagogy that he met Lynn Martin, a professor of Breathing Coordination and Functional Anatomy at New York University, and Spencer Welch, a voice teacher specialised in vocal technique for contemporary styles. The goal of his singing teaching and breathing coordination methodology is to release accessory muscle tension and to realise the singer’s vocal and artistic potential. Members of the medical community utilise him and his work to assist with respiratory related pathologies. In 2015 Robin published his book La Voie de la Voix (Les Editions Favre). That same year, the breathing coordination practitioner training program created by Robin started in the USA with the first group in Los Angeles.


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