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Happy New Year! January is usually the time when we set resolutions for the year, but let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to see them through a couple of weeks, let alone a whole year. So this week on Singing Teachers Talk, Alexa and BAST founder Line Hilton discuss how to be more resilient in 2023, how you can improve resilience in your students, and what you can put in place to make sure you achieve your goals.


  • One of the problems with resolutions is that people set them and then don’t do them. So it’s much better to set goals throughout the year and then follow up with whatever strategies or tools that you can to maintain them.
  • When working on self-improvement, if you haven’t dealt with the beliefs that are feeding into the thing that you’re trying to stop or change, then your mind will just go back to what it’s comfortable with.
  • It can take around four weeks to form a habit. This means repeating the thing you want to do daily for it to become imprinted in your brain as part of your routine.
  • Low resilience can be mental or physical and could relate to work or our home life. Often, when you physically learn resilience, it will affect everything. Sometimes with mental resilience, that only happens in particular settings.
  • As a singing teacher, you need to be aware of the things that can affect your students from a psychosocial point of view. It’s not all about asking what’s wrong with the voice; it’s about asking what other factors may be at play. Perhaps someone has really low energy, or something has happened at school and they’ve brought it with them into the lesson.
  • Usually, when somebody has severe anxiety in response to a negative experience as a performance, it’s because they’ve attached a meaning to it. The performer may think it means they’re not good enough or a failure or that they’re being judged. Help the student to reframe their thoughts and understand that it’s just a thought; it’s not a fact.


‘We have the resolution, but we don’t put a plan in place or have support.’

‘Physical things are just a little bit more obvious than with mental low resilience’

‘The singing teacher quite often is privy to a lot of stuff that other people are not in that person’s life’


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