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Today Alexa is joined by Erin Ross, Strategic Communications Specialist with the popular business management software platform My Music Staff. Erin is on Singing Teachers Talk to tell you how you can organise your studio business. You’ll also find a special offer for a 60-day free trial just for podcast listeners in the links below.


  • My Music Staff started in 2013 as a love story between its founder, who’s a software developer, and his wife, who’s a private music teacher. She needed something to help her manage the administrative side of her business so she could focus on teaching. She asked him if he could build something for her, and it grew from there.
  • My Music Staff has four core features: students, calendar, attendance and billing.
  • In the student area, you can manage your entire student list, including family contacts and birthdays, track your notes and information about instruments. You also add their default billing information here.
  • The calendar is where you set up all of your lessons. You can create custom categories and locations. If you do online music lessons, you can set up meetings on Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. All of that can be started directly from the calendar.
  • Once you build out your lesson schedule, the platform uses what is called calendar-based billing, so you don’t have to manually add up how much money every family owes you every month. All you need to do is keep an accurate calendar, and My Music Staff automatically calculates their bill.
  • Feature number three of the platform is attendance. You’re letting the system know if a student turned up for their lesson. If they didn’t attend, do you still want to charge them? Do you want to offer them a makeup credit so they can take up the time later?
  • All of these things are then fed into the billing feature, saving you time by automatically gathering the information needed for the invoice and sending it to you.


‘It gives you time to actually focus on what you enjoy doing’

‘How can we improve the experience so that as a teacher or a studio owner, you’re not spending all of your time outside of lessons handling more administrative tasks’

‘Now the world is so fast-paced, everyone’s on the go. We find there’s been such an increase in people working on their phones,


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Erin Ross is the Strategic Communications Specialist at My Music Staff, the #1 business management software for private music teachers and music studios. She oversees social media, partnerships, trade shows, and, well… anything with words! She loves to find new, creative ways to help music teachers learn more about how My Music Staff can help manage their students, organize their calendars, automate online payments, and more.

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