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This week it’s Rush Dorsett who’s keeping Alexa company. Rush is a voice coach, performing artist, and founder of the Embodied Voice Academy. She has earned accolades in voice science, psychology, and sound healing. Rush is passionate about weaving together spiritual tools with vocal awakening practices to access a singer’s highest potential. She is here to discuss the benefits of sound healing for singers and busy teachers like us.


  • YogaVoice® is a unique 21st century synthesis of the eight-limbs of Classical Yoga technology and Systematic Vocal Technique (SVT). The application of these principles to the lives and work of both professional and amateur singers can facilitate self-awareness and artistic empowerment.
  • Rush has found that when teaching she often finds some kind of energetic imbalance in the students’ sound. When this happens she tries not to focus on the classic techniques as that would just be paving over the cracks. This is when she turns to her alignment techniques to get to the root cause of the imbalance. 
  • The mission of Embodied Voice is to serve conscious creatives who are seeking to connect with their true voice, go deeper in their vocal practice, find ease in singing, embody powerful presence, and have the tools they need to create their own sustainable vocal practice.
  • The seven major chakras Rush teaches are: 1) Root – stability, grounding; 2) Sacral – creativity, emotions; 3) Solar Plexus – personal power; 4) Heart – love, compassion; 5) Throat – communication; 6) Third Eye – intuition; 7) Crown – spiritual connection. Each corresponds to different aspects of well-being.



‘Being a part of a community really built my confidence’ 

‘I was seeing the results of this energetic and physical body alignment helping and supporting the anatomical alignment for healthy vocal technique’ 

‘When we are connected to our root chakra, our physical body aligns’ 

‘Authenticity often requires deconditioning ourselves’ 


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Rush Dorsett is a Voice Coach and Performing Artist who supports creatives in awakening their authentic voice, embodying their power, and freeing their self-expression in singing, speaking, and performing. She is the Founder of EmbodiedVoice ® ️, an online school for guiding students into deeper embodiment, energetic alignment, and vocal mastery so that they can express themselves confidently and experience the joy of freedom in their voices. 

She received her Master’s degree in Voice Science and Performance from New England Conservatory, her B.A. in Psychology and Music from Washington University in St. Louis, sound healing certifications from the Divine Resonance Centre, and she is also a certified YogaVoice®️ facilitator.

Rush is passionate about weaving together spiritual tools with vocal awakening practices to access one’s highest potential. She is a Certified Teacher, Healer, and Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School, and often shares classes, workshops, and energy healings with her community. Her mission is to use these tools to bring more light, love, peace, and joy to the world.