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get started writing a book

How to get started writing a book

Want to increase your profile and bank balance by writing a book? Here are some tips on getting started from the author of three Amazon bestsellers. When he isn’t coaching […]

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history taking

History taking: What to ask your students and why

How deep should you delve when taking a student’s history? Top vocal coach Line Hilton says everything from the pill to periods to lifestyle habits should be up for discussion. […]

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Episode 29 How to ask a singer those awkward health questions with Line Hilton

This week on Singing Teachers Talk, host Line Hilton will be talking to you about asking those awkward health questions, what questions we need to ask, why we need to […]

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Why trills should be in your teacher toolbox

Tension-busting trills are a fun and safe way to help your students warm up and build efficient breath control. What is a ‘trill’ in vocal coaching? A trill is an […]

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Rachel Lynes interview

Episode 28 Finding the fundamental truths of singing with Rachel Lynes

It’s the return of Singing Teachers Talk podcast! What are the six fundamentals of singing? That’s just one of the topics of conversation on the podcast this week. Alexa Terry […]

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Singing teachers podcast

The podcast for singing teachers who want to earn and learn more

Newsflash: BAST’s podcast makes a return to the airwaves this week! After a brief hiatus, BAST’s podcast is back with a new name – Singing Teachers Talk – but the same […]

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musical theatre solos for female singersfemale

Best musical theatre solos for female singers

You’ll never struggle to find the right song for a student again with our ultimate list of musical theatre solos for female singers.  Delve into the best of Broadway, the […]

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Find energy and motivation

How to find more energy and motivation if you feel sluggish

Six tips to boost your energy and motivation and help you say goodbye to feeling bleurgh. How are you doing after 18 months of pandemic living? Have you discovered a […]

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source great songs

How to source great songs for your students

Learn how to make inspired repertoire choices so that your students shine on stage and in auditions. Here are eight time-saving tips to help you source great songs. 1. Don’t source […]

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Singing and long Covid

Three things we’ve learned about long Covid and singing

Two leading voice coaches have shared their views on the role singing can play in helping Covid longhaulers. Dr Rachel Goldenberg and Phoene Cave, both of whom have worked extensively […]

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A-Level music

New stats reveal shocking decline in number of A-Level music students

Alarm has been raised at the steady decline in the number of students studying music at A-Level. The release of A-Level results last week marked the end to what has […]

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ABC of vocal coaching

The ABC of vocal coaching

Read Alexa Terry’s guide to the most common words used in the world of singing, and you’ll never be intimidated by fancy vocal coaching terminology ever again. A is for Amygdala […]

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books for singing teachers

Four books that will make you a better singing teacher

Want to become a better singing teacher and grow your vocal coaching business? Here are four books to curl up with on your summer break. Why the F*ck Can’t I […]

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imposter syndrome

Five ways to manage imposter syndrome

Turn the tables on negative thinking and manage imposter syndrome by following these five tips. As Alexa Terry explains in part two of our imposter syndrome series, instead of trying […]

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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome: Spot the symptoms and causes

Ever feel like you’re drowning in self-doubt and niggling fears that you’re not good enough? Then you may be experiencing imposter syndrome. In the first of a two-part series, Alexa […]

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Keep your voice hydrated

Six easy ways to keep your voice hydrated

Learn how to keep your voice hydrated in the second part of BAST Training’s hydration series. Line Hilton and Alexa Terry share some simple hydration tips and explain the external […]

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singing and hydration

The truth about singing and hydration

How much water should a singer drink? Line Hilton and Alexa Terry take a deep dive into the research on singing and hydration. Hydration is a holy grail in vocal […]

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Singing and long Covid

Singing and long Covid: six things the experts are saying

Here’s an update from the Performing Arts Medicine Association on the latest thinking about singing and long Covid. A year ago, BAST spoke to singer and vocal coach Sarah Nixey about […]

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