Ep.66 How to Market Your Teaching Business on Instagram With Katya Willems

Take a deep dive into the world of Instagram with social media expert Katya Willems. Katya is an Instagram specialist […]

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vocal massage

Vocal Massage: Does It Hurt? And Other Commonly Asked Questions⏱3 mins

Vocal manual therapist Lydia Flock answers five frequently asked questions about vocal massage. Some singers swear by vocal massage as […]

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Ep.65 The Top Benefits of Vocal Massage with Lydia Flock

Vocal manual therapist, vocal coach and published researcher Lydia Flock joins Alexa on Singing Teachers Talk to discuss all things […]

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Vocal improvisation

Vocal Improvisation: Four Tips to Help Singers Get Started⏱ 3 mins

Vocal improvisation is a great way to help anxious singers explore, experiment and discover their full potential. Here are four […]

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Ep.64 What Singing Teachers Need to Know About the British Voice Association With President Louise Gibbs

Today Alexa is joined by the President of the British Voice Association, who is also a jazz singer, composer, and […]

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Feldenkrais for Singers

How to Introduce Feldenkrais to Singers ⏱ 3 mins

Discover how to get your students started on Feldenkrais, a method that helps develop greater awareness of the breath, body […]

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Ep.63 Developing a Singer’s Self Awareness And Clarifying Intention With Robert Sussuma

Featured teacher for Vocal Health Education and co-host of the Thinking Voice podcast, Robert Sussuma joins Alexa this week on […]

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vocal exercises

Six Questions to Help Identify the Right Vocal Exercises ⏱3 mins

Top vocal coach Line Hilton explains how to tailor vocal exercises to suit the needs of a student.  With decades […]

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Ep.62 How to Choose the Best Vocal Exercises With Line Hilton

Joining Alexa this week on Singing Teachers Talk, all the way from Perth, Western Australia, is BAST founder Line Hilton. […]

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vocal pacing

Vocal Pacing: The Secret to Thriving in Musical Theatre⏱3 mins

Top voice scientist Dr Ana Flavia Zuim discusses the importance of vocal pacing and why MT culture needs to be […]

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Ep.61 Measuring Vocal Load in Contemporary Musical Theatre with Ana Flavia Zuim

Ana Flavia Zuim is a multi-award winning musical director and conductor, musician and associate director of vocal performance at NYU. […]

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eat two meals a day

Should We Eat Only Two Meals a Day?⏱3 mins

Nutritionist Stephanie Moore reveals how to beat bloating and lethargy and makes the case for why we should eat just […]

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Former BAST Student Claire Cannon

Claire Cannon Explains How Studying With BAST Helped Her Teaching Career ⏱3 mins

When vocal coach Claire Cannon studied with BAST Training, she found her tribe – a group of people as passionate about voice […]

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Ep.60 The Best Nutritional Do’s and Dont’s For Singers With Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a self-employed natural health therapist, clinical nutritionist, author and health coach. With degrees in Performing Arts and nutritional […]

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Tongue tension

Should We Use the Term ‘Tongue Tension’?⏱3 mins

Singing voice specialist Kerrie Obert sets the record straight on the issue of ‘tongue tension’. Listen for a few minutes […]

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Ep.59 Top Tongue Tips For Boosting High-Frequency Energy With Kerrie Obert

Speech and language pathologist and singing voice specialist Kerrie Obert has conducted thousands of endoscopies to diagnose and help patients […]

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Voice diagnostic tool

The Simple Voice Diagnostic Tool Used by SLTs That Could Help You ⏱3 mins

What is GRBAS, the voice diagnostic scale used by health professionals such as speech and language therapists? When it comes […]

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Ep.58 Understanding the Speaking Voice with Lydia Hart SLT

This week’s guest is specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Lydia Hart. Lydia specialises in the field of Voice and Upper […]

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