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ABC of vocal coaching

The ABC of vocal coaching

Read Alexa Terry’s guide to the most common words used in the world of singing, and you’ll never be intimidated by fancy vocal coaching terminology ever again. A is for Amygdala The amygdala comprises a cluster of nerve cells and is… Read More »The ABC of vocal coaching

Laryngeal nerves

The Laryngeal Nerves

Alexa Terry and Line Hilton look at the laryngeal nerves and the role they play in voice production. The nervous system is a two-way information highway delivering messages from the brain to different parts of the body and from the… Read More »The Laryngeal Nerves

The vocal fold layers

The Vocal Fold Layers

Alexa Terry takes a closer look at the vocal fold layers and the role they play in singing. Before we take a deep dive into the anatomy of the vocal fold layers, here’s a little brainteaser for you vocal nerds. … Read More »The Vocal Fold Layers

The hyoid bone

The Hyoid Bone

BAST’s Alexa Terry takes a closer look at the hyoid bone, otherwise known as ‘the singing bone’.   “Clarifying, understanding and organising oneself around the hyoid bone… has amazing and profound effects on many things within the vocal mechanism, but… Read More »The Hyoid Bone