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Episode 18 Hannah Smikle

This podcast’s guest is Manchester-based vocal coach Hannah Smikle. Hannah attended the Brit School and talks about her experience giving advice on how a singing teacher can help prepare a student who wants to or is attending a performing arts school like this. As a teacher she got thrown into the job, quickly realising she had many gaps. Hannah talks about how she started to fill these teaching gaps including the BAST Singing Teacher Retreat, where felt she, “found her people”. As well as the education she received on the retreat she talks about discovering how she had a special skill that could augment her service to give her an edge.

In her practice, Hannah noticed there were many people who had negative emotions around their voices. She decided to gain skills in counselling and devised a programme to help people create a positive relationship with their voice. She shares some tips on how you can help singers who have this issue. Hannah also helps singers in the studio environment and gives us some great tips for getting the best recording takes from singers.


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