If you’re a fan of The Naked Vocalist podcast then this guest’s voice will be a familiar one to you. Line Hilton chats with Steve Giles who is a vocal coach, member of the board of directors and authorised coach for Vocology in Practice and co-founder and co-host of the world’s leading singing podcast, The Naked Vocalist. Steve was very chatty (caffeine may have been involved!) about a wide range of topics from his thwarted career as a footballer, to his unexpected journey into singing and then teaching.

Steve talks about how football training influenced his approach to teaching, how the TNV podcast got started and how it changed his life and work, what he believes singers really want, whether voice science is essential to being a great singing teacher, whether he recommends podcasting as a way to build a teaching business and what he wishes he’d understood when first setting out as a business owner. Line and Steve discuss how they deal with the social media trolls/haters.

Website: stevegilesuk.com

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