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Episode 16 Ryan Luchuck

You may already have seen Ryan Luchuck in his two-part webinar series breaking down voice science for beginners (Part 1 & Part 2).

One of those multitalented types; Ryan sings, plays the keys, guitar, and a variety of other instruments as well as being a sound engineer and producer. All of this he puts to good use in his teaching practice. In the podcast, we have a fascinating discussion around a variety of topics from how he lost his voice due to poor technique and decided to stop singing for three years, how he fell in love with teaching, how he uses a technique of communication he learnt through couple’s therapy to communicate better with his students, how he loves to work with singers who have been told they can’t sing and how he helps singers become more accurate with their rhythm and timekeeping.

Ryan also talks about what he’s learnt from putting on regular concert events for his students.


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