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Ep 53

What’s it like to turn your back on the corporate world and become your own boss? 18 months ago David Valks quit his career in recruitment and started his own vocal coaching business. David joins Bronwyn this week on Singing Teachers Talk to chat about how he got into singing teaching and what BAST has done for him. 


  • David did the five-day BAST course and found it to be everything he needed to start teaching. He knew how to sing but not how to teach and that’s where the knowledge that came from the BAST course really helped him.
  • After studying with BAST, David felt reassured that his piano skills were up to scratch for the role of singing teacher.
  • David thinks a good singing teacher elevates a student and helps them reach their full potential.
  • Because of the area where his business is based, David can’t get too specialised in terms of what he offers his students. 
  • Looking for ways to increase your knowledge doesn’t just keep things fresh for you, but for your students too. 


‘You always remember the singing teachers you had when you were younger and that inspires you’ 

‘It gave me a foundation and all the fundamentals I needed to start as a singing teacher’ 

‘Some people want a strict formal teacher, that’s not me, I want to have fun’

‘You learn from the student too’ 


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David is a singing teacher, podcaster, and founder of the David Valks Singing School on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  

He started singing at a young age and was lucky to be trained by an amazing singing teacher in Scotland. He still uses the tools and techniques that he learned back then to this day.  The impact that this teacher was one of the reasons he went on to become a teacher himself.

David studied Musical Theatre for three years at Arts Educational in London. After graduating, he performed in the West End, with the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, toured the UK many times (Joseph, Pirates of Penzance, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and A Christmas Carol) and travelled the world as a lead vocalist for a cruise line. 

He completed the BAST programme for singing teachers before starting his singing studio.

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