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Ep.129 How to Build a Successful Website For Your Business With Taylor Rossi

    Singing teachers and vocal coaches, are you yet to build your business website, or, like Alexa, have been meaning to update it for months but just lack the inspiration for it? Well, stick around because website designer Taylor Rossi from Nicole Ricardo Media is here with Alexa for this week’s episode, dishing all the goods on this very topic.



      • Your business website is an extension of yourself that helps do your marketing for you. It’s like having another person on your team who you don’t have to pay. You can tailor your website to focus on attracting your ideal student or client while you spend your time doing what you actually love, which is the teaching part. 

      • A conversion-based website is one that is designed to actually get new clients as opposed to a more traditional information-based landing page. It allows potential clients to take the next step in the process right there and then. 

      • Taylor’s preferred website builder is Wix because it is very user-friendly and offers a lot of creative freedom, which is especially helpful for creatives like musicians who don’t want to be boxed into a format. 

      • Who you are is important and your story can help you get clients, but nobody wants to read paragraphs about you. Keep it quick and fun. Make sure your content is always geared towards being relevant to the students.

      • Include information on what people can get out of your website. Make sure you have testimonials and reviews so other people can see the experience that your past students have had. Any videos of you performing can be helpful too as it will help potential clients see your style. 

      • When it comes to the number of pages or tabs, Taylor keeps it between 4 and 5. These will be the home page, about page, services, and contact. Then if you have other things for sale such as books or sheet music, they can go on a separate page. 

      • When writing your website copy, we have a tendency to write a lot to share as much information as possible, but in reality, people don’t need all of that information. Use bullet points and short sentences because we don’t want people to be put off by big blocks of text. 

    BEST MOMENTS ‘The point of having a website that converts is that it will actually help you get more business’
    ‘Make it super easy for someone visiting your website to know if they’re in the right place or not’
    ‘It can be helpful for people to know your pricing right away and not have to send inquiries’
    ‘I always encourage people to switch from the 3rd person to the 1st person’



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      • Website Platforms Mentioned: WordPress; Wix; Squarespace 

    ABOUT THE GUEST Taylor Rossi is a Boston-based flautist and the website designer for Nicole Riccardo Media which offers conversion-based web design for classical musicians.