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Whole Self Singing with Jeremy Ryan Mossman

Ep.128 Considering The Whole Self in Singing And Teaching Singing with Jeremy Ryan Mossman

This week’s guest is a teacher of voice, movement, and wholistic expression. Jeremy Ryan Mossman is the founder of Body-Based Voice Ped and has presented at global events for the likes of The Voice Foundation, Voice Study Centre, and the Musical Theater Educators Alliance and has spoken about many topics, including fascia-based techniques. Jeremy is a contributing author, a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, and a Feldenkrais Practitioner in training. Jeremy is here to discuss why we would benefit from considering the whole self during singing and teaching singing, and what that even means.


  • Fascia is a pre-tensioned continua in our body, tensioning everything into place. It is the architecture for everything in our body.  It surrounds and is throughout each muscle. Fascia is non-Newtonian – it stiffens with force, and is fluidic and compliant without it.
  • Muscles are fast-acting contractile proteins that push & pull on the fascia within and around them.  Muscle tissues themselves aren’t actually very strong, but the fascia that muscles live within has the tensile strength of steel. Muscle and fascia work in a unified myofascial system.





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Jeremy Mossman is a teacher of voice, movement, and wholistic expression, currently living in Ontario, Canada. He has recently moved on from academic teaching after 15+ years in order to focus on teaching in more creative and integrative ways while sharing his passion for wholly embodied singing.

Jeremy is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, and is also in training to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Knowledgeable in both biomechanics and biotensegrity, he has a unique way of reconciling long-held beliefs with new understandings about the body and how they relate to teaching voice, which he teaches to other voice teachers in his program, Body Based Voice Ped.