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If you’ve been listening to the Singing Teachers Talk podcast and have been wondering how you could start your own to support your business, then stay put. We are celebrating International Podcast Day right here with podcaster Kane Baron, who also runs the UK’s largest podcast agency, Progressive Media. Kane joins me to give expert advice on how to get set up and create content, as well as how podcasts can be monetized.


  • Kane believe’s podcasts are popular because it only requires one of your senses to engage with. If you’re scrolling on your phone watching videos you need your eyes, ears and hands to be free. Most people don’t have a lot of time in the day when all three of those are not busy with something else, so just having to engage your ears is a huge advantage. 
  • Organic content is key for any business which provides a service. With things like social media, as your following grows the percentage of followers who see your content gets smaller because of algorithms. With podcasting every single member of your audience has the choice to engage or not, there’s no outside factor deciding if someone gets a notification about your new episode or not. 
  • Podcast names should be two to four words and do what it says on the tin. Kane’s podcast is “The Podcaster’s Podcast” and you can clearly tell what it’s about and who it’s for without even listening. 
  • If you want to start a podcast, think about what you want to talk about, can you focus that down into a niche, and how does it help you sell your brand. Only then should you look into equipment, which generally isn’t going to break the bank to get a relatively standard set up. Most equipment could last you years and years. 



‘Podcasts don’t compete with any other platform’ 

‘You are constantly getting in front of the audience you want, it’s a funnel’ 

‘What do you want to talk about and what is the purpose?’

‘Audio quality doesn’t age as fast as video’




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Kane Baron is a keynote speaker and podcaster within the content creator industry. He is the host of “The Podcaster’s Podcast” & runs Progressive Media, the UK’s largest podcast agency. His passion is helping independent creators get their voice out into the world to make an impact and an income. Having worked with thousands of small creators over the years he has a unique perspective on what makes creators successful.