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The Singer’s Secret To Crossing Between Styles

    Stylistic differences remain one of the most challenging perceptual walls for singers.  We hear an operatic soprano next to a belter and think they must just be built differently, or that they are simply talented and magically able to make those sounds.

    In reality, they are making different acoustic and laryngeal choices that allow them to focus their instrument to make highly specialized sounds (for some basics on acoustics, visit VoiceScienceWorks Harmonics Vs. Formants page  In their webinar, they will show you how to understand the vocal acoustics related to some different styles, how to differentiate between acoustic choices, and exercises to help you focus your resonator so that you can more easily achieve whatever sound you want to make, regardless of the style. They will also show you how to access voice analyzer and voice simulator software. They will be using Madde ( which has a free download.

    Get a copy before the session so you can play along on your computer.

    In their webinar Laurel and David from VoiceScienceWorks ( explain how to access vocal acoustics to more easily build a reliable crossover voice.