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Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Missing This Key Ingredient? ⏱ 2 mins

If your online marketing strategy isn’t packing the punch you’d like, author Susan Payton could have the solution.

Do you ever feel that your social media posts miss the mark? Or that your website doesn’t quite sum up who you are?

Perhaps you’ve tried all sorts of marketing hacks to improve things, but you sense that something – you can’t quite figure out what exactly – is missing.

Well, Susan Payton, a best-selling author and marketing strategist, suggests that the missing ingredient could be you.

Speaking on the Singing Teachers Talk podcast, Susan says the secret to connecting with your tribe on social media is explaining what makes you tick by telling your personal story.

“It’s about letting the people you love working with know who you are and allowing them to get to know you,” Susan says.

Here are Susan’s seven top tips for incorporating storytelling into your online market strategy.

Storytelling in business – What You Need to Know

1 You don’t have to discuss anything you’re uncomfortable sharing. “If something is raw, or you’re still trying to process it, then wait or don’t tell it at all,” Susan says.

2 Choose stories that will resonate with your target audience. “Storytelling in business is not about throwing random stories out there. We want to be strategic and ensure the stories are relatable and easy to read.”

3 Tell one story at a time. “Tell your life story in sprinkles; it’s like leaving breadcrumbs for someone to follow.”

4 If you don’t know where to start, pick a moment from your life that proved to be pivotal. It could be a situation where you stepped out of your comfort zone, a challenge you faced or a meaningful conversation that turned your life around.

5 Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. “People relate to the ups, downs, bumps and bruises that we go through on the rollercoaster journey of running a business.”

6 Share your story through the medium with which you’re most comfortable. You could record your story on your phone, write it down or make a video – whatever works best for you.

7 Fit your story into a simple structure. Stick to the bones of the story – don’t overload it with confusing details or too many twists and turns.

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