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Best coaching podcasts for creatives

Four of the Best Coaching Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs ⏱ 2 mins

If you’re looking to use coaching techniques to help your students flourish, or support your own personal growth, here are four podcasts to inform and inspire you.

Best coaching podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

The Coaching Crowd

Master coaches Zoe Hawkins and Jo Wheatley share their expertise in this engaging podcast which looks at everything from underlying beliefs and intuition to coaching anxiety and building rapport. Their episode on imposter syndrome – and how it’s easy to get hung up on trying to ‘fix’ clients rather than steering them to make their own breakthroughs – features many pertinent insights.

While Hawkins and Wheatley have a corporate background, there are plenty of relevant nuggets for those working in creative industries. The Coaching Crowd will hit the spot if you already incorporate an element of coaching in your vocal studio or have read up on the subject.

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Host Brown’s Texan habit of peppering her sentences with ‘dang’ and ‘y’all’ jars a little at first. But it soon becomes apparent why she is such a towering figure in the self-help world.

Brown made her name as an author and public speaker specialising in vulnerability, empathy and leadership. She’s honest in the podcast about her own struggles (even NYT bestselling authors want to be loved).

Her Unlocking Us podcast includes fascinating interviews with a diverse cast of high achievers. Guests include James Clear (author of Atomic Habits), actress Viola Davis and clinical psychologist Harriet Lerner.

The Coaching Life with Phil Goddard

Host Phil Goddard, a leadership coach, author and speaker, talks to professional coaches and clients about their life experiences. Goddard’s work has a strong focus on building healthy and prosperous personal and professional relationships.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start with The Coaching Life, check out Episode 84 with Jamie Goddard. He discusses two of the most pernicious words in the English language “once I…”. As in “I’ll be happy once I… lose weight/hit 50,000 followers on social media/get promoted”.

Pivot with Jenny Blake

This podcast shares a name with Blake’s best-selling book on changing up your personal or professional life. There are more than 320 episodes of Pivot with Jenny Blake to choose from. Take your pick from topics such as focus, being a late bloomer and burnout.

There are also profile interviews with people who have successfully ‘pivoted’ in their careers. If you’re looking for a little courage to help you embark on a new project, take a listen.

Are you listening to a show that should be included in our best podcast for creative entrepreneurs list? Let us know on our BAST Trainers Facebook group.


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