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Stephen King started his performance career with great promise. On the road to a dance and MT career, Stephen had to take a dramatic turn away from performing after a serious knee injury. With all the physical therapy and medical attention, he received Stephen found himself pulled into the world of manual therapy and decided to combine it with singing teaching.

Stephen has worked as a vocal coach and MD for 20+ productions as well as being a residential teacher for a variety of colleges and academies. He is deeply committed to learning all he can about the performer’s anatomy and physiology and regularly trains with vocal, medical and physical clinicians to hone his skills even further. With a passion for helping to prevent vocal and physical injuries in performers and singers, Stephen is a key player in health promotion in the performing arts world.

In this podcast, Stephen dives into his rather unconventional journey as a performer turned manual therapist and anatomy geek. He explains the importance of touch, emotionally, mentally and physically. He also talks about how vocal hyperfunction occurs and how it can be treated, how heel height can impact the larynx, his pet peeve, the proton pump inhibitor and his goals for changing the way singers are treated.


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