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Ep.22 The pioneering spirit with Dr Meribeth Dayme (1938-2019)

    Dr Meribeth Dayme is a familiar name to many singing teachers. From her detailed but comprehensible books on vocal anatomy, The Performer’s Voice and Dynamics of the Singing Voice, to her holistic and energy-based approach to singing and vocal training, CoreSinging®, thousands of singers have benefited from Dr Dayme’s passion for voice and treating the singer as a ‘whole’.

    A pioneer in the world of singing pedagogy, Dr Dayme has been instrumental in helping singing teachers understand the role of energy and alternative healing to bring out the authentic performer.

    ​In, what turns out to be her last interview, Dr Dayme reveals how she went from singing to becoming an anatomy geek and specialist to delving into the unseen world of energy and alternative healing.

    Sadly Dr Dayme passed away on 28th Oct and before this podcast was published. Her legacy will continue and we, in the singing teaching world, are ever better because of her dedication and passion for singing and teaching.


    Meribeth Dayme PhD, a pioneer in the field of the singing voice, founded CoreSinging® in 2010. Her dream is that singers become channels for healing themselves and the audiences they reach. After years of research, writing and teaching singing she has found a way to honour that dream through CoreSinging®. She has taught singing and vocal pedagogy in university and privately for over 35 years and is recognised internationally for her textbooks on singing and teaching singing, master classes and courses.


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