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Take a deep dive into the world of Instagram with social media expert Katya Willems. Katya is an Instagram specialist who provides courses, workshops and one-to-one training to small businesses. She joins Bronwyn on Singing Teachers Talk to explain the often confusing and ever-changing social media trends. 


  • You can do many things on Instagram, and that can make the platform a bit overwhelming for people. It’s best to simplify your approach. Pick a style and message, and stick to it.  
  • Don’t obsess over the number of followers you have. Some followers might not be people who want to engage with your brand – they’re just there because an algorithm sent them. You want to reach your target audience and provide content they want to see and will respond to. 
  • If you see Insta content that you like, don’t be afraid to use it as inspiration to create your own content. 
  • People on Instagram have a 3-second attention span. You need to convey your message in a simple, bold way. If the font is too small or not easy to read, people will just scroll past it. 
  • When people are looking for a singing teacher, they want to find someone with whom they can connect. Use Instagram to tell people who you are, and explain your values. Your values can help people engage with you. 


‘They’re squeezing their brand into a format without thinking about what they need to get across’ 

‘The reason reels are popular is because Instagram pushes them to try and compete with Tik Tok’

‘View it as a blank canvas to fill with your content’


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Katya Willems is an Instagram Coach and ‘cheerleader’. After a long career with the BBC, she set up her own business, Easyinstamcr, in 2017, which delivers Instagram workshops, retreats and one-to-one training.

Katya has worked with the likes of The Lake District National Park and Victoria Baths and smaller businesses ranging from PR consultants, marketers, yoga teachers, photographers and coaches.

She says: “I believe that behind every business is a fascinating story. I love digging in and helping the people I work with understand why their story is interesting and how to translate that into the content.”

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