The beginning of the year is always the time we make promises to ourselves and by February, we’ve all forgotten about them. Gemma Sugrue is a vocal coach and certified Tiny Habits coach and joins Bronwyn on Singing Teachers Talk this week to tell you how to trick your brain for the better. Listen in to learn how to develop lasting and positive habits.


  • B = M A P. This means Behaviour = Motivation, Ability, and a Prompt.
  • A lot of us lean into motivation for forming a new habit. Instead of relying on this you should lean on your ability to do it. Meaning, if you can remove as many of the obstacles as you can that stand between you and a new habit, then we are more likely to do it. Remove the friction.
  • To make a new habit you need to set your goals and aspirations from the beginning. You then need to break it down into milestones and make a list of daily behaviours that will get us to that milestone. These behaviours should be two things, easy and effective. If it’s not easy then we’re not going to do it, and if it’s not effective then why are we doing it.
  • We have to create pleasure within the practice. As singing teachers we need to instil the element of fun or winning when trying to get your students into good habits around singing and keeping your voice healthy. Help your students learn how to self praise.


‘Motivation is a fickle friend’

‘The pain is in having to be patient’

‘Creating a habit is to celebrate it’

‘Not hitting snooze was the biggest win in my life’


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