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Ep.42 Effective goal setting for you & your students with Line Hilton

    The New Year is always a good time to sit down and review goals from last year and set new ones. This week on Singing Teachers Talk, Line Hilton explores goal setting using the SMART system. Listen in for some great advice on setting goals for yourself and your students.


    • SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and has a Time frame. 
    • A dream is different to a goal. A dream is something you want to happen but is not fully within your control. Goals are within your control and can help to make your dreams happen.
    • Singing teachers can talk through goals with their students, and then work backwards to reverse engineer an appropriate strategy. You can create an action plan with your student that consists of achievable tasks. 
    • Often the real obstacle to success is the person themselves. Things such as procrastination, self-doubt and self-sabotage can derail the process of achieving our goals. It’s important to address the limiting beliefs that are undermining the student’s chances of success.
    • When students are trying to achieve specific goals, it’s helpful for them to check in with a teacher or mentor to discuss their progress.


    ‘Ask what is standing in the way’ 

    ‘If you don’t believe that you deserve success then you won’t go and do the work to make you a success’


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