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Ep 30

Internationally renowned leading voice teacher John Henny joins host Alexa Terry on this episode of Singing Teachers Talk. Hear all about John’s Covid scare and the brain fog that comes along with it. Join the discussion on acoustics, passive income, and find out what ‘the teaching triangle’ actually is. Find all the referenced talking points under the ‘Show Resources’ section.


  • A singing teacher needs to understand how the vocal cords work. You have to develop the ability to know how to manage the healthy tug-of-war between tensing and stretching muscles.
  • If you understand the shifts in the soundwaves and the resonance we create, then it explains why you get a vocal break and the subtleties of the vowel sounds.
  • Most of the issues a singer has with acoustics are to do with throat resonation. Try using the ‘uuuhhh’ sound to drop the larynx.
  • The pitch you’re hearing is made up of many different pitches. Your vocal tract is a filter. The original pitches don’t change, it’s but the filter that changes it.
  • Formant essentially means boost.
  • ‘You’ and ‘me’ are two things we sing about a lot but they’re hard to do, that’s why you often hear singers say ‘may’ instead of ‘me’ and distort the vowel to an unrecognisable form.


‘In the heat of battle when you’re singing, you can’t do these calculations, you need to feel it’

‘Vowels are just perception’


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John Henny has been a leading voice teacher for over 25 years. He has taught thousands of singers, including Grammy winners and top background and session singers. John’s students have appeared on Broadway and in major touring companies. John has also trained hundreds of voice teachers, including many industry leaders.

John hosts the popular podcast, The Intelligent Vocalist and his YouTube channel has over 8 million views and counting. His books, including Beginning Singing, are Amazon bestsellers.

John has lectured at USC, The Paul McCartney Liverpool Institute, and the Learning Annex.

John is known for making complex concepts simple and easy to understand and is a leader in creating online programs for singers and voice teachers.

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Facebook: @John Henny Vocals

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Twitter: @johnhennyvocals


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