Are you looking to learn how to reach your ideal client through digital marketing, or want to know more about targeting audiences with digital marketing? Then this week’s episode of Singing Teachers Talk is for you. Join host Alexa Terry and guest, vocal coach Candi Louise as they chat about everything from jam doughnuts, to social media, to Die Hard.


  • Taking the first step into digital marketing can be scary. First figure out two things, who are you and what are your strengths and weaknesses? Write down what your unique selling point is, and why should they choose you. Also, write down what the stumbling blocks can be, the more prepared you are, then the better you can deal with any challenges such as Covid.
  • It’s tempting to teach everyone, but you should also ask yourself ‘who do I want to teach’. You don’t want to get further down the line with a client list full of kids and then realise that you don’t like teaching young people, maybe you want to work with stage singers. When you’ve worked this out then partner it with the point above, so you know who you want to target and why they should choose you.
  • You could be on every social media platform but that doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy it and that your audience is using it too. Choose one platform to start with that suits your demographic, Candi uses Instagram because it suits her 25-35 age bracket. She’s not on Tik-Tok because she doesn’t like it and the audience skews younger. Work out what you can do with it and have some fun.
  • Take advantage of freelancers who might know more about website building and social media than you do. It can be an inexpensive way of getting something that you don’t have the skillset for and it can save you time.


‘Who knew that all those skills would come in useful’

‘It takes a good coach to identify what you’re not good at’

‘Social media strikes fear into anyone’s heart’

‘The more you do it, the more you get over it’

‘I’m not sure I’ve designed my website but I’ve definitely designed my living room’


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Candi Louise is a professional vocal coach who specialises in training performers & songwriters to develop a unique, sustainable vocal style and carry this through to live performance. Prior to vocal coaching, she spent 9 years working in digital marketing, working alongside organisations such as the World Health Organization, Teenage Cancer Trust, Mind & more to help them deliver their digital marketing goals and, ultimately, achieve their mandate. Alongside this her own musical journey progressed; as a session singer/screamer, a front person of a rock band and a vocal coach she understood early on the importance of getting the right things in front of the right people in order to succeed. Eager to share this knowledge, more recently she’s been working with other coaches & singers to demystify digital marketing and help them identify the building blocks of their own marketing strategy through consultation and her specifically-designed course: Digital Marketing 101.

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