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Ep.131 Mastering Research Papers: How To Read With Ease And Extract Knowledge With Kate Cubley​

    Want to understand research papers but find them dull and impenetrable? Kate Cubley, dynamic voice researcher and vocal coach, is here to help. In this episode 131, Kate shares her passion for research and demystifies how to efficiently extract useful information. Learn her cheat sheet for navigating papers, focusing on the abstract, conclusion and applicable gems. Discover where to find studies, how to assess their legitimacy, and why collecting options beats seeking definitive answers. Kate also explains emerging trends in voice research like increased diversity and cultural inclusion. 


    • Read the abstract and conclusion first to determine if a paper is relevant.
    • Use keywords related to your interests when searching online databases.
    • Many papers are behind paywalls, but open-access publications are freely available.
    • Critically evaluate all sources; consider different perspectives.
    • Pick out and apply only the most useful parts for your teaching.
    • Voice research is expanding beyond Western classical traditions.
    • Follow researchers exploring topics that interest you specifically.
    • Papers can provide alternate techniques for different learning styles.


    “It’s the questions, the little critical questions that come up that are really applicable to the singing studio itself that we can then draw from what’s been written before in order to help us with what we’re doing.”

    “I don’t ever need to say those ideas are wrong, but I asked them what they’ve been learning and what kind of language they’re using at the moment.”

    “Cheat, cheat, cheat, cheat. Read the abstract, find out whether it’s relevant or what the answers that you’re trying to find, then look at the conclusion.”

    “I think we’re moving out of a very Western-centric classical music research into a more contemporary world that is way more inclusive.”

    “Go to Google and go and find out what you can find out. And when you find out perhaps something that matches up with what your opinion is, then go and search for the exact opposite opinion.”



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    Kate Cubley

    Kate Cubley is a dynamic voice researcher and dedicated advocate for vocal health and performance. Currently pursuing her doctoral studies at De Montfort University and serving as an Associate Lecturer at the Voice Study Centre, Kate possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of voice research.

    In 2023, Kate founded Tala Performance, a venture that offers comprehensive voice and breath coaching services to individuals, groups, and corporate clients. By blending her passion for research, education, and play, Kate empowers her clients to achieve remarkable performances both on and off the stage.

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