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Membership organisations for singing teachers.

Best Membership Organisations for Singing Teachers ⏱ 2 mins

Here are some of the best membership organisations for singing teachers looking to connect with industry peers and learn from top voice scientists.

Running your own singing studio can sometimes be a lonely business. Juggling teaching with all the other challenges that accompany being self-employed – the IT, marketing, insurance and admin – can feel isolating.

And then there’s the issue of continuous professional development (CPD). How do you keep up to date with the latest vocal research and teaching methods when you have so much else to do?

The good news for solo singing teachers is that several membership organisations can provide support, networking opportunities and CPD.

Let’s look at some of the best membership organisations for singing teachers.


If you’re keen to keep up with the latest vocal research, look no further than the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA).

As Dr Kat Cottrell explains on the Singing Teachers Talk podcast, PAMA is an organisation for professionals who support performing artists.

Its membership includes ENTs, GPs, therapists, vocal coaches, dance instructors, occupational therapists, and performers.

“The beautiful thing about PAMA is it really feels like a community much more than many other professional organisations,” Dr Cottrell says. “It’s a really tight-knit group of people who work to help each other.”

PAMA is an international organisation with members all around the world. But thanks to the wonders of technology, it’s possible to access PAMA’s range of webinars and online training sessions wherever you are.

And if you like in-person events, you’ll be happy to learn that PAMA’s next annual symposium will take place in London in July 2024.

The Association of the Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) 

The UK’s only singing teachers’ association, AOTOS runs conferences and events and offers mentoring opportunities.

Music Teachers Association

If you work in a school music department, the Music Teachers Association offers CPD webinars, podcasts and conferences.

Independent Society of Musicians (ISM) 

The ISM is a professional body for performers, educators, choral directors, composers and songwriters. It offers different membership levels depending on your industry experience.

Members also get access to legal expertise and insurance. Learn more about its work by listening to this Singing Teachers Talk podcast episode.

British Vocal Association

The BVA’s remit is the “encouragement of a healthy voice, vocal skills and communication in such areas as the performing arts, business and industry, medicine and education”. It runs a range of events, including conferences and study days.

BAST Training

We couldn’t discuss memberships without mentioning BAST Training’s very own offering. With our free membership, you get priority notifications on events, access to educational videos and a keyboard and scales course.

With our full membership, you also get access to 70 masterclasses, teaching clinics and a 14- lesson vocal warm up course. All for just £6 a month.

Learn more

To discover more about PAMA, tune into the Singing Teachers Talk podcast‘s interview with Dr Kat Cottrell. She discusses the work of PAMA about 15 minutes into the podcast.

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