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Ep 44

Creator of Teach Voice and one half of The Naked Vocalist, Chris Johnson discusses vocal registers and keeping your dynamic range long term. He also explains abduction and adduction and explores the TA/CT dominance debate.


  • Chris recognised the need to create a course dedicated to vocal registers after listening to the opinions of a lot of different people in the vocal coaching community.
  • Many teachers change their views and understanding of pedagogy as more information and research comes out about the voice. 
  • Chris recommends teachers make time to stay up to date with the latest voice research.
  • Abduction: The vocal folds abduct (come apart) in order to let air in and out of the lungs during breathing.
  • Adduction: The vocal folds may adduct (come together) to trap air in the lungs. They may also adduct to vibrate to produce vocal sound.
  • The TA/CT debate is a little problematic. TA-dominance is responsible for chest voice quality and CT-dominance is responsible for head voice quality as the vocal folds become either thick and short or thin and lengthened. TA-dominance is all about perception rather than reality, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the chest. 


‘Most pedagogues will have changed their ideas over time as more evidence comes out’

‘If you don’t practise functional chest, then you will affect your ability to be dynamic in the long run’ 

‘Chest voice is a perception, it’s not a reality’ 

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  • The Naked Vocalist Podcast:
  • Glottal Configurations by Christian Herbst & Jan Svec
  • Dr Ingo Titze
  • Singing Teachers Talk Podcast: Episode 31 – Where to Start with Digital Marketing with Candi Louise.
  • LCA = Lateral Cricoarytenoid
  • IA = Interarytenoid
  • Falsetto Voice Example: Robin Thicke (Lost Without You)
  • Principles of Voice Production by Dr Ingo Titze
  • Vocology by Dr Ingo Titze and Kitty Verdonlini
  • Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing:
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Chris Johnson started his performance career in a casual choir before working as a professional singer for 12 years. During the early part of his career, Chris’s busy schedule took its toll on his voice. Narrowly missing a serious vocal injury, he relearned his instrument and started on a never-ending journey of vocal development.

After seeking help and turning his own seemingly ‘hopeless’ voice around, Chris realised he might also be able to help other singers and moved into vocal coaching.

Chris has worked with major label artists, West End leads, backing vocalists, singer/songwriters and vocal coaches. He also helps singing teachers worldwide to up-skill, navigate the overwhelming amount of pedagogical options, and develop their own technical and business acumen.

Chris has also trained in manual laryngeal therapies and studied with scientists in vocal acoustics, physical and somatic therapy, and laryngology. He’s also one half of The Naked Vocalist podcasting/blogging duo.

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