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Ep.14 Helping students find their purpose with Lilli Badcock

    In this podcast, we hear from singing teacher & Intuitive Confidence Coach, Lilli Badcock. Lilli started performing arts at a dancing school as a child but found herself wanting to sing the song rather than dance to it.

    Lilli talks about her journey from a singer, to choir leader, singing teacher and now confidence coach. After having experienced a considerable amount of anxiety throughout her life Lilli had to do a lot of work to overcome these dark periods. Her new purpose came after one particularly dark episode when she lost her voice for a time, let alone a singing teacher. She found herself questioning her identity and purpose. Taking what she discovered on her journey to overcome this crippling condition Lilli now focuses her work to help people realise they “can do it” and to find their purpose through singing. Lilli also talks about how she has found a balance between being a mother to 3, wife, teacher and entrepreneur.


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