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Ep.135 The Valentine Voice Care Mission and Building Your Own Practice Premises with Kate Valentine

    We first welcomed Kate Valentine to the Singing Teachers Talk podcast back on episode 85. But now, Kate is back with us in episode 135, to tell us all about Valentine Voice Care Lewes, a centre for vocal wellness development, prevention, and rehabilitation, which she has built in East Sussex.


    • The mission of Valentine Voice Care is to offer unparalleled care and support to anyone who has a voice through a biopsychosocial approach to cater to the needs of a really wide range of different groups. A biopsychosocial approach addresses complex interactions between biological, psychological, and social factors to better understand health, illness, and voice care delivery.
    • Valentine Voice Care came about from Kate’s own experience with vocal injury which had such a profound effect on her. She discovered that those who are mute for a period of time find it hard to express their opinion or personality which can feel isolating. 
    • Kate has seen an increase in psychological troubles with singers and musicians since the pandemic. Having had a long time not working, they had to step back into an insecure industry which had less work. 
    • The 5 pillars of care that Valentine Voice Care are aiming for are prevention through education, early identification, rehabilitation through targeted therapies for each stage of recovery, specialist vocal coaching, and encouraging long term vocal health through maintenance. 


    ‘It felt like hell, I was so lonely and felt so stripped of my identity because of my vocal injury’ 

    ‘This shrinking pool of opportunities means everyone is anxious’ 

    ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’


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    Discount Code: Use the code BAST50 for a 50% discount off VOCAL TRIAGE with Kate Valentine (expires 25th December 2023)

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    Kate Valentine specialises in Vocal Health and Injury Prevention for singers, Vocal Massage and Laryngeal Manual Therapy. A passionate ambassador for vocal health, it is her mission to help remove the mystery and stigma surrounding vocal wellbeing and injury, and to provide a safe space for clients to support them with their careers. Kate is now the proud owner of Valentine Voice Care in Lewes.