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Ep.114 The Best Vocal Exercises For Head Voice With Line Hilton

BAST founder Line Hilton returns to the show, this time to discuss ‘head voice’ and some of the exercises that singing teachers can use when working with a student on this particular vocal register. As well as that, you’ll find out the vocal range covered by head voice, the importance of head voice and what actually goes on in your body when singing in head voice.


  • Head voice refers to a lighter and higher vocal register where the sound resonates in the head. It’s used for higher notes and requires vocal control and technique to achieve a seamless transition between registers. 
  • When singing in head voice, the vocal folds lengthen and thin out, vibrating faster to produce higher pitches. The movement involves increased tension and a stretched position, creating a lighter, focused sound.
  • Head voice typically covers the higher end of a singer’s vocal range in cisgender voices. It encompasses the upper notes, often starting from the middle or upper-middle range and extending towards the highest pitches a singer can reach. The specific range of head voice depends on the individual’s vocal capabilities and training.
  • The tongue plays a key role by shaping the sound and resonance of head voice. It rests slightly raised and forward, creating space in the throat for a lighter, more resonant sound. The tongue’s flexibility and control aid in navigating pitch changes and achieving vocal agility. Proper tongue position and relaxation contribute to a balanced and well-coordinated head voice technique.

‘It could be loud and piercing or lighter but is distinct from falsetto’

For balance and health, it’s important to be able to access all areas of your voice’

‘It’s easier to explain our range from a more functional point of view’

‘I like to encourage a feeling of expansion in a singer if they describe it as being tight’

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