Dealing with missed lessons

Dealing with Missed Lessons: How to Confidently Enforce Your Cancellation Policy ⏱ 2 mins

What should you do if a student cancels a session at short notice? Here’s some useful advice from Line Hilton […]

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A young man in a red t-shirt and jeans, sitting cross-legged working on a laptop in his lap working on SEO for his website so he can attract more visitors to his website and business.

SEO Tips for Singing Teachers: How to Earn Income from Your Website ⏱ 3 mins

Want more people to visit your website and sign up for lessons with you? Dr Tonya Lawson has these SEO […]

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Tech can help busy freelancers with their business admin.

How to Save Time on Your Business Admin ⏱ 2 mins

If you find the admin side of running your business a burden and a bore, studio management software could be […]

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marketing for singing teachers

The Single Biggest Marketing Mistake Singing Teachers Make ⏱ 2 mins

Discover the most common marketing mistake that singing teachers make online – and the easy way to fix it. Figuring […]

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Help! How Do I Tell My Students I’m Increasing My Prices? ⏱ 3 mins

Most singing teachers dread telling clients that they’re upping their prices. But there is a way to do it with […]

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Tax for freelancers

Tax Tips for Savvy Freelancers ⏱ 3 mins

Feeling squeezed by the cost of living crisis? Follow these simple steps to ensure you don’t pay more tax than […]

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Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Stay on Track When You’re a Freelancer  ⏱ 3 mins

If your to-do list makes you feel anxious instead of inspired, it’s time to act. Coach and author Simone Niles […]

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Singing teacher and pregnancy

Balancing Act: Pregnancy, Parenthood and Teaching Singing ⏱ 3 mins

How do you manage morning sickness and maternity leave when you’re self-employed? Two expectant vocal coaches share their stories on […]

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Work/life balance

Ten tips for a better work/life balance

Alexa Terry shares time-saving, stress-busting tips to help self-employed singing teachers enjoy a better work/life balance. There’s a lot more […]

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing 101: Learn how to grow your business online

A new digital marketing course explains how singing teachers can build their brand and their business.

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David Valks starting a singing school

How to start a singing school

David Valks went from working in the recruitment industry to starting his own singing school. Read on for his tips on marketing, pricing and bookings.

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Achieve your 2021 goals

How to make your 2021 goals a reality

2020 has been bonkers, but the New Year is just around the corner. While we may not be able to welcome it with tight hugs and wet kisses, we can make a start on our 2021 teaching goals.

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Courses for singing teachers

Courses and workshops for singing teachers

Here’s a list of courses, workshops and conferences to help singing teachers continue their professional development and sharpen their business skills.

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The self employed singing teacher

Being a self employed singing teacher

Being self employed has its perks. However, being solely responsible for all aspects of a business comes with its own […]

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