Discover how vocal coach Gia Morgan uses a multi-sensory approach to help anxious students relax during singing lessons.

Have you ever thought about what a student sees, smells and touches when they step inside your studio?

Jersey-based vocal coach Gia Morgan certainly has; she prides herself on taking a holistic, multi-sensory approach to teaching.

As she explains on the latest episode of the Singing Teachers Talk podcast, she wants her singing lessons to be an experience for all the senses.

Case study

While Gia’s approach won’t be for everyone, she offers an interesting example of a singing teacher bringing their personality and ethos to their studio.


“Tranquil and inspirational” is how Gia describes her teaching space.

“My studio looks like my house,” she says. “It’s literally all of the trinkets I’ve collected over the years. Everything that makes me, me.”

Along with lots of calming plants, she has colourful musical instruments, crystals and candles on display.


Gia burns incense in her studio and often tries to match it to her student. “If I get a male singer in, I’ll go for a huskier smell because I know they’re not going to go for something floral.”


  • Students are encouraged to take their shoes off when they sing to help them feel grounded. There is a thick, soft carpet on the floor to make students feel comfortable.
  • Crystals are in generous supply. If a student is anxious or nervous, Gia asks them to hold one when they sing. She finds this a useful way to distract students (particularly young ones who favour the rainbow crystal). “It helps them to put their mind elsewhere and not worry about whether or not they get something wrong when they’re singing.”
  • Other textural distractions include bobbly cushions and crocheted blankets. Gia gets students to hold one of these items and focus on the texture when they sing to alleviate any stress or pressure that they might be feeling.

Listen to the full podcast interview here.

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