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Focus On: Performance Anxiety & Mindset Bundle



This bundle gives you access to all the presentation recordings from the Focus On: Performance Anxiety & Mindset event held on May 22nd, 2021

The Focus On series is an in-depth look at topics relevant to singing teachers. Delivered by industry experts and experienced pedagogues.

Also available as single recordings.

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Learn about the impact of performance anxiety and mindset on the performer and explore how to help your students develop and improve.

Theoretical sessions and practical exercises with leading professionals will give you a better understanding of and answer your questions regarding this complex subject matter.

Session 1 video: Step Up Your Warms Ups – Beyond The Physical

Session 2 video: What We Focus On Expands

Session 3 video: Wired for Success – Why habit formation is key to vocal progress

Session 4 video: Developing a Growth Mindset – In the student and the teacher PLUS ‘Calm Mind’, a guided meditation audio track to help you calm down when anxious

Session 5 video: Optimal Performance – Fight, Flight and Freeze


  • What is performance anxiety and why do we get it?
  • The signs and symptoms that might indicate someone has performance anxiety
  • How the teacher can help the student strategise to avoid the effects of PA
  • What other resources, therapies and treatments we could recommend to our students.
  • Tackling performance anxiety and staying in the optimal performance zone
  • Developing a Growth Mindset in you and your students


Petra Borzynski Somatic and cognitive behavioural coach and accredited therapist.

Line Hilton MSc PAM, B. Mus Ed (Jazz) C. Hyp, MHFA.

Kaya Herstad Carney MA Performing Arts (Education), BA (Hons) Performing Arts Music, International Bachelorate eqv. (Generell studiekompetanse) with Sport Science, Instruction and Nutrition.

Gemma Sugrue MA, Bmus, LRSL.

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